Wave Hoodie

Wave Hoodie

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Catch a wave! Everyone needs a cozy hoodie for beach days in Nova Scotia and this is the perfect coastal coverup.

Our fun and cozy hoodies make the perfect, warm layer. They’re handmade from high quality materials that will be soft and move with your child but will also stand up to childhood play. Cuffs at the wrist and bottom and a generous fit ensure that your child will not outgrow these in the blink of an eye.

Fabrics are a medium weight cotton/spandex blend and extremely soft. Machine washable and low heat dry or lay flat for best results.

Fits the following chest size:

3-6 months 18” (45.75cm)

6-9 months 18.5” (47cm)

9-12 months 19” (48.25cm)

12-18 months 19.75” (50.25cm)

18-24 months 20.5” (52cm)

2-3 21” (53.25cm)

3-4 22" (56cm)