Swim Short Romper
Swim Short Romper
Swim Short Romper

Swim Short Romper

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Our popular short romper now comes in swim! Our rompers slip easily off the shoulder for diaper changes and eliminate the need to fiddle with fussy snaps. They are comfortable to play in and even though they stretch to get on and off will keep their shape. The short swim version of this romper makes for the perfect one piece bathing suit for your little one during the summer months.

Fabrics are a 80% nylon 20% spandex blend. Machine washable and low heat dry or lay flat for best results.

The fit is on the slim side. Cuffs and the stretchy fabric will keep your little one from growing out of this romper for a while.

Fits the following heights:

3 months 21-24”

6 months 24-26”

9 months 26-28”

12 months 28-30”

18 months 30-33”

2T 34-36”